Once you've created your listing and it's live you will start receiving enquiries from tenants interested in your property.

How you see leads?

Leads come in the form of chat app (like WhatsApp) within your landlord app and web login.

Partners App

You will be notified by email but more importantly you will get a notification on the Flow Partners App which you should download:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=rent.flow.partnerapp&hl=en

iOS: Coming Soon

Landlord Web Login

You will also see your leads in the chat section of the landlord login https://app.flow.rent/chats.

Replying to leads

You're able to chat to your leads on both mobile web and desktop https://app.flow.rent/chats. The chat window allows you to reply to the lead like you would on any chat (like Whatsapp) and messages are instant.

You can add emojis in your conversation by clicking on the smiley face and also attached files like pictures of a specific part of your rental by tapping the image icon in the message box.

Viewing the tenant's profile

Flow leads come pre-assessed with information about their work place, earnings and ID number so you can do your own checks. To access this click on "View tenant profile" next to the tenant profile picture and name. On mobile just tap the tenant name or click the ellipses to find the option

Changing status - the tenant CMS

You're able to categorise and manage your leads to help you prioritse your chatting and get the deals done.

Every chat has a status which you can choose to change. It's only for you to see, the tenant doesn't see it.

You can change the status of a chat to:

  • Enquiry - this is the default starting status when the lead comes in
  • Viewing - if you have scheduled a viewing with the tenant
  • Application - if you have sent/received a lease application from the tenant
  • Lease Sent - if you have sent the lease to be signed by the tenant
  • Active Tenant - your tenant has signed the lease and ready to move in

How to change the status:

Simply tap the "Set Status" dropdown above the message in the profile bar.

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