Here are some top tips to help you become a leading agent and to help you get deals over the line quicker:

  1. Strike while the iron is hot
  2. Use Flow benefits to your advantage
  3. Be lekker

"Strike while the iron is hot"

The number of deals  you close depends on your response time. The statistics show that the faster you respond the more likely you are to convert your leads and close deals. 

The graphic below shows just how fast that conversion declines. The sweet spot is within 5 minutes. This is how Flow helps you do that.

With the Flow Partner App installed on your phone, you get a notification as soon as a prospective tenant sends an enquiry and can respond straight away. 

If you'd like to read more about response times have a look at this article.

Use Flow benefits to your advantage

Flow tenants get discounts on prepaid electricity, airtime and data which saves them money every month. That is real money back in the pockets of the tenants who lease from you.

And then there are rewards. For mahala, tenants get deals from South Africa's favourite brands like Checkers, Steers, Uber Eats, Takealot, vida e caffe, and lots, lots more. 

Flow give you an unfair advantage, offering something that other agents can't. Your tenants get access to a platform that is giving them amazing deals and discounts each and every month.

Be lekker 

Modern consumers are clear about what they respond to. Be personal, friendly, get to know their needs and treat them like you would helping a friend to find a great place to live.

We don't have to be formal like the old days, we can use emojis and gifs to communicate and have your lead really feel like you can speak their language and therefore give them what they want.

Getting help from Flow

Your success means our success. Chat with our team directly from your app if you have a question or need help getting something resolved.

Go to the top right menu (the 3 lines) and select Support to start a live chat.

Our support team is available from 6:30am - 9:30pm weekdays and 9am - 4pm on weekends. 

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