Getting your airtime, data, electricity, burger or coffee for half price is easier than you think.

All you need to do is get to Level 4 on Flow and you’ll be able to unlock the top 50% OFF discount tier. 

You’ll need to get at least 13 500 points to get to Level 4, and I'm going to tell you exactly how to do it...

On your marks. 

Get set.


The first part is simple, you just need to make sure you’ve collected these points already: 

  • Complete Your Profile (800 Points) - if you're using the app, you've already done this 
  • Complete Your Property Details (1 600 Points) - if you're using the app, you've already done this 
  • Invite Your Landlord (2 000 points) - go to Score > Connect My Landlord 

You’ve now got 4 400 points.

You are almost half way to Level 4! 

Next up you’ll need to do some bigger activities that will allow you to collect more points. Do these activities in your app, in this order:

  • Track Your Rent (3 600 points) - this is one of the easiest activities to complete, and offers the most points. Go to Rent > Click The Current Month and follow the prompts 
  • Insurance Check-in (2 600 points) - go to Score > Insurance Check-in
  • Claim 4 Vouchers in the Marketplace (700 Points) - go to Marketplace > claim four vouchers that for free! 
  • Invite Friends to join Flow (2 400 Points) - if you invite four friends to join Flow, and they all sign up for free, you’ll get the final points you need to get to Flow Level 4!  

If you followed all the above instructions you should now have 13 700 Flow points, that's enough points to boost you up to Level 4  🎉🎉🎉

You can now buy your airtime, data, and electricity for HALF PRICE through the Flow app. You can discounts on Pizza and Groceries and even a FREE coffee from vida e caffe every week. Not to mention the HALF PRICE burger from Steers every month!

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