There are 2 ways to connect to your tenant:

  • You invite your tenant
  • Your tenant invites you

You invite your tenant

Make sure you're logged in on your landlord profile here:
To invite your tenants follow the steps below:

1. On the left hand menu select tenants

2. On the right hand side invite your tenants

3. Enter their name, email address and contact number

Flow will send an invitation to the email provided. Your tenant will click on the link in the email and register. Once they are connected you'll receive an email and you will see them under tenants section:

Your connected tenants will be displayed on your dashboard which means you're good to go.

Your tenant invites you

Your tenant can send you an invite from their Flow tenant app if they have already downloaded it. They can send it to you on email, whatsapp or SMS (make sure they know your email or number). The invite will come with a unique link - click on it. 

If you are not logged in it will ask you to login first or register.

If you are logged in you will see a request message from your tenant - accept it you recognise your tenant. 

You should now see your tenant under the tenant section:

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