If you want to access the best Flow deals you need to be connected to your landlord, and they need to be on a Flow Pro subscription.

How to invite your landlord via you Flow app: 

Log in to your app, and select the Score tab and choose the 'Connect My Landlord' item on the list. 

Tap Connect My Landlord button and choose the channel you would like to use to send your landlord our prescribed message with your unique link. 

Hit send, and that's it - you've invited your Landlord. 

What does your landlord do once he receives your invite?

Your landlord will receive your invite and must click the unique link. They will be taken to a login/registration screen or straight to their profile if they've registered before and accept your invite
Some landlords and agents are already subscribed to Flow Pro so your discounts and deals will activate once they accept your invite.

If not already on a Flow Pro subscription your landlord needs to Upgrade their account to Pro to unlock the MAX discounts and rewards for you. Share this link with them to help guide them: http://help.flow.rent/en/articles/3519176-how-to-manage-subscription-and-upgrade-to-landlord-pro

What if I can't get my landlord to join?

We can try help with that. We've setup a form to understand more about what the issue is and we'll let you know how we can help connect your landlord. Please tell us more here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1OOf3ylAvnuRhsX8tVqwYDRJv9LKIim9hnYfCav6zwuY

What is I work with an agent and not directly with the landlord?

It's the same thing 😀. Just invite your agent in the same way.

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