Tenants who maintain a Flow Level 4 have the best access to deals and discounts on the Flow platform. Here are top tips to help you reach Level 4.

How Flow Levels are calculated

Your Flow Level is calculated from the average of your points over 3 months. Points are earned by doing the activities on your score tab and some activities earn more points than others.

Most valuable activities = more points

Profile based activities

Some activities earn you points forever, once you've done them you'll get those points every month:

  • Complete your profile - if you're using the app, you've already done this
  • Complete your lease - go to menu top right -> Lease
  • Invite your Landlord - this will give you a big starting point every month, with 2000 points

Monthly activities

The most valuable monthly points are:

  • Rent Tracker - 3600 points - the most amount of points you can earn by proving that you've paid rent on time, and if its before the 25th you'll get all 3600 see more here
  • Insurance check-in - just tell Flow if you're insured - 2600 points
  • Invite friends - 2400 points - you get points for inviting friends and more if they accept. You can earn a total of 2400 points

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