Flow Tenants can collect points for tracking rent payments after you’ve paid your landlord. With Rent Tracker simply prove your rent payment and get points for paying on time. 

How to use Rent Tracker

  • Tap the Rent Tab
  • Tap the relevant rent month
  • If you paid a variable amount like water or other fees, tap the little pencil to add it in

  • Let us know how and when you paid

  • Upload an image of your proof of payment

  • Confirm your information is correct and tap Track my rent

How Rent Tracker points work

The earlier you can pay your rent, more points you can earn when tracking it. Here's how it works:

  • Earlier than 5 days before month end - 3600 points
  • Between 5 days and month end - 2880 points
  • Later than month end -  1800 points

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