Discounts on Prepaid

Flow tenants can save when buying prepaid services on the Flow app. Discount on Electricity, data or airtime is calculated depending on the Flow Level as follows:

Additionally, every month you can get up to 3 discounted tractions per month, and each discount is capped at R100. 

As an example, Lebo is 

  • on Flow Level 3
  • his landlord has connected on Flow and has a paid Flow Pro subscription
  • he is now buying prepaid electricity for R250. 
  • Lebo's discounted payable amount will be R250 - 30% (Landlord Flow Pro discount) = R175

Also, Lebo has already bought data on Flow once this month which means he can make 2 more discounted prepaid purchase like this R250 prepaid electricity.

How to get your Landlord to Flow Pro

There are 2 ways to get there -

  • Move to a Flow Pro landlord - Search Now
  • Get your current landlord connected to Flow by following below:

Connect to your Landlord on your app - send a request to your landlord by tapping the "Connect Landlord" activity in the app score tab like the following:

What does your landlord do once he receives your invite?

Your landlord will receive your invite and must click the unique link. They will be taken to a login/registration screen or straight to their profile if they've registered before and accept your invite
Some landlords and agents are already subscribed to Flow Pro so your discounts and deals will activate once they accept your invite.

If not already on a Flow Pro subscription your landlord needs to Upgrade their account to Pro to unlock the MAX discounts and rewards for you. Share this link with them to help guide them:

What if I can't get my landlord to join?

We can try help with that. We've setup a form to understand more about what the issue is and we'll let you know how we can help connect your landlord. Please tell us more here:

What is I work with an agent and not directly with the landlord?

It's the same thing 😀. Just invite your agent in the same way.

Just some terms and legalese

  • Flow reserves the right to stop awarding discounts at any time and for any reason.
  • Discount is capped at a maximum of R300 per month.
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