Building the Flow community means you can access more discounts and rewards as we grow. Getting your friends, family and colleagues onto Flow also gets your points each and every month.

Here’s how to invite your friends

  1. Go to the Home tab of the Flow app

    2. Select Invite

    3. Tap the Share Link button and and select the app/channel you want to use to
    share (WhatsApp, email, etc.)
    4. Tell your friend to tap on the link in the message and register to get your referral
    5. Send 4 invites per month to get your maximum points earn points

How many points do I get

For each invite you send we'll give you 240 points. When they use your referral link to register you'll get an additional 360 points. You can do this 4 times a month every month.

I didn't get my referral points

This can happen if the person you invited did not use your unique referral link. When you send the invite make sure your invited person knows this is the only way for Flow to know you've been referred.

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