You go to Home Essentials or Buy, select any prepaid product. Scroll down to Payment Option, select Card Payment. You will be redirected to the Card Payment page. 

  1. Choose between Visa, Mastercard or American Express
  2. Enter card number (16-Digit located in front of your card) 
  3. Enter expiry date (MM/YY)
  4. Name of card (Your name and Surname)  
  5. Security Code (CVV number 3-digit located at the back of your cards)
  6. Select pay on your bottom right of your screen to proceed.

Manage your cards 

We have an option for you to save your card when you first enter it so you can select it for your next purchase. No need to type in all those numbers and your name over and over again. You can manage your cards by going to the Menu on the top right hand side of the screen and Manage Cards. Add, delete and edit your cards here.

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