You can use Flow if you are renting through an agency


You get points for connecting with them as your landlord. Go to the Score tab and send them a link via your preferred channel. They need to use the link to register as a landlord and we'll reward you. Signing up as a landlord is completely free.  

Paying your rent

To pay your rent you would load the banking details for the account you need to pay.

Add banking details.

Add recipient details. This person will receive your proof of payment.

Pay with our EFT payments partner. You will be directed securely to your bank to log in. Select the account you want to pay from. Authorise the transaction for the direct transfer. 

Track your rent 

If you do not want to use the app to pay rent you can track your rent after you've paid to get your points.

Enter your payment method, date and upload an image of your proof of payment.

As soon as you rent is tracked you'll get your points.


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